6 Minutes of Beauty

April 19, 2018

Are you disturbed about what you are seeing/hearing in the daily news?

Would you like to take a few moments, and step back for a new perspective?

If so, check this out…it helped me breathe more deeply:











Some Good News Re Health and Hospitals

March 29, 2018

If you’re dreading to read the paper (in print or online) because of the tsunami of bad news; here is a great respite:


A Ray of Hope

March 1, 2018



If you have been upset lately by the avalanche of bad news: nuclear weapons threats, malfeasance, lying, corruption, school shootings, police shootings, ad nauseum, here is a 5 minute antidote.

Highlights of the New Climate Report

November 5, 2017

Scientists are still working diligently to understand our current reality, regardless of whatever is or is not happening in Washington. Here are the Cliff’s Notes:


October 19, 2017

Many herbalists and alternative nutritionists have said for years that sugar is not good for us, especially if you have cancer. Here is a study that shows that sugar consumption makes cancer cells multiply faster:


A New Interactive Map From Earthworks

October 4, 2017

Since we currently can’t rely on our federal government to help us track pollution, here is an interactive map for finding out how you are (or maybe aren’t) being affected by airborn¬†¬†pollution from gas and oil extraction/refining:


New Data On CO2 and Plant Nutrition

September 17, 2017

Several years ago I was reading somewhere that nutrient levels in plants had declined over my lifetime (last 66 years). I thought it probably had to do with declining soil fertility, the over-reliance on the chemical additives of industrial agriculture rather than the regenerative practices of organic agriculture…..and maybe that contributes to declining fertility. Many food plants have also been bred to increase growth rate, pest resistance, or “shipability”, not taste or nutrition. Also, numerous species of fruits and ¬†vegetables are picked a little before ripeness to keep them from spoiling en route to stores.

Well, here’s new data from scientific studies (what few there are) that shows that rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are negatively impacting plant’s nutritional profile; i.e., they contain less protein and minerals. And this is happening with WILD plants as well.

I consider this info crucial to the current debates on both climate change and public health. Please read and spread the word.



Work That Matters

September 10, 2017

While some folks are obsessed with creating ever more capable AI and turning even more jobs over to robots, here’s an alternate viewpoint that is life-affirming:

What’s the most satisfying job in the world? You’d be surprised


Part 2 of the Microbiome, Subset Virome

September 9, 2017

This article, written more in lay person’s language, is just as fascinating and mind-opening. This is science as it is being worked with on the ground, so to speak, and is challenging to most of our preconceptions of disease theory. What I love is the sense that we are so much more complex, and the world is so much more magnificent and mysterious than we were taught in high school biology….


Fascinating New Research: We Have a Virome

September 9, 2017

The human biome is in the news quite a bit lately, and deservedly so. But here is some new information: we also have a virome, and it is just as quirky, complex, fascinating, and necessary to human health. Here is an excellent technical description that is well worth reading even if it challenges our ability to fully understand the science: