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Some Really Good News About Chocolate

September 29, 2012

So much of the time we are told that whatever “goodies” we like are not really “good for us.” Well here is a ray of hope: several studies have linked dark chocolate consumption to both relieving stress and lowering blood pressure. Go HERE to read the entire article.

Caveat: you must have a cacao content of 70% or more. This is DARK chocolate, folks, not milk chocolate or high sugar chocolate candy. M and M’s are NOT gonna do it! Better yet, find raw chocolate nibs (available at many natural foods stores and readily available online). They are fabulous as an ingredient in smoothies, and contain NO sugar. They are my personal favorite. PS: organic really matters.  Chocolate that is not organic runs the risk of being processed with child labor in Africa.

Flawed Organic Food Study: How You Can Help

September 25, 2012

It used to be that institutions of higher learning could be trusted to do good research….no longer.

If you go to this page HERE you will find info about how the Stanford study is flawed (and why) and a petition to sign. Please help!

Vacation Beauty

September 11, 2012

I just recently went on a vacation with 2 friends, one I’ve known for 24 years, and one who is brand new. Serendipity rules! I took a chance and was rewarded with an easy and beautiful journey to the Tetons through the middle of Colorado and back home via Flaming Gorge and Arches in Utah. I am stunned by the diversity and immensity of land forms here in the mountain west. We ended up taking the less traveled path, and found ourselves on historic trails.  And who knew Utah grew such fabulous peaches?

2000 miles later I am both tired and rested and will continue this blog on all things healthy next week. Also coming is a new blog on aromatherapy. For those who are wishing to do one more learning/vacation activity: I am teaching aromatherpy at The Santa Fe School of Massage this weekend, and in Monument, CO (near Colorado Springs) the last weekend of September. Go HERE for more details.