It’s Complicated (and Amazing)

It’s been a longish hiatus since I last wrote, and teaching and gardening are boiling away on the front burners.

So much of what we’ve been learning in our class on anatomy and physiology is the stupendously intricate complexity of the human body. And that science is still figuring us out. New hormones, proteins, enzymes, etc. are still being discovered. Ways everything interacts is still being parsed. Really intelligent people can read the same data and draw very different conclusions. Our own journey affects how we understand the concept of being a human…

In studying the digestive system and now adding nutrition, we are learning not just the basics, but the basics from a variety of viewpoints. The concept of a “calorie” turns out to be incredibly “loaded” with politics, belief systems and which scientists/studies you trust. Who knew!? And hardly anyone except “radical granola types” pay any attention to the primary basis of all health: the health of a country’s soil. And yet studies are showing up even in the mainstream that state that our food today is less nutritious that it was even 50 years ago. When we “mine” our soil, and don’t “put back” the minerals and organic matter and healthy microbes, then the plants don’t have the same nutritional content  in their cells, because the soil is deficient. Add the GMO, herbicide and pesticide issues, not to mention processing whole foods to death, plus artificial chemicals….well, it becomes tremendously difficult to find quality food in an average supermarket.

And that, dear reader is the crux: quality of food is the basis of health.

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4 Responses to “It’s Complicated (and Amazing)”

  1. Gale Dorion Says:

    Great blog, Cathy! You said it all – which perspective does someone come from – even to defining what is health and what is being human! Muchas thanks!! And thanks for the finest class I’ve ever taken!!

    Live, Love, express Light and Joy! Gale KF5TTP

  2. MaxCathy Mitchell Says:

    It’s good to hear what all you’ve been up to!

    Happy Spring and almost Summer, Cathy

  3. Cathy Hope, Iris Herbal Apothecary & Owner Says:

    Happy Solstice!

  4. Cathy Hope, Iris Herbal Apothecary & Owner Says:

    wow! thanks, Gale! I’ll be doing more blogs on the classes: short, informative, thought-provoking…one hopes.
    Happy Solstice

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