My Glorious Vacation

I decided to take the experts’ advice, and not “tell the world” I was out-of-town for 3 weeks, which is also why I “missed”doing a couple of blogs. This particular vacation was a “pilgrimage” where I drove my mother to New York City (where she grew up in Queens) to attend the 350th anniversary of the church where she was baptised, confirmed, and then joined. She also hadn’t been back to NYC in 30 years (ditto for me), and wanted to see and experience a few places for the last time.

We were blessed: good weather, great visits with friends and family, excellent visits to churches, museums, and the 911 Memorial, not to mention memorable food, and yours truly driving in all 5 boroughs of NYC without any damage! The service people of NYC are spectacular, and helped in several instances of “how do I get to the other side of the river?; I seem to have gotten on a bridge I didn’t want to.”

Now I am back home and happy to be so. The Midwest and Eastern seaboard are so different, and the culture “shock” was fun and instructive….

Happy Summer Solstice

3 Responses to “My Glorious Vacation”

  1. Genny Says:

    Welcome home, Cathy! Sounds like you missed the fire and the fire missed your homestead. Blessed Bee, Genny

  2. Cathy Piepmeier Mitchell Says:

    There’s no place like home but what an excellent trip you and your Mom had! Any photos? I’m impressed with the driving part because traffic on the eastern seaboard is formidable.

  3. Emily Says:

    Welcome back, Cathy. Glad you made it home safe and sound – especially from NYC. I’ve got an order to place with you, hopefully tomorrow! Best,

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